Action Parties #1


13 – 14 April 2007
The Substation Gallery, Singapore


Audrey Wong
Artistic Co-Director, The Substation
Money Talks (Drinks on the House) / Duration: 3 hours

In her ‘action’, Audrey invited members of the arts community to come together and talk about money. She provided some snacks and drinks placed on several sets of tables and chairs in an informal setting for people to sit around in. At one of these tables was a ‘piggy bank’, a container that the attendees could drop some funds which Audrey promised to give away to a deserving artist. In just 3 hours, she collected about $1000 from the attendees. This ingenious ‘action’ created an arts fund ‘by the arts community for artists’.


Lil Pink Devil & his mother
Pun Tarts / Duration: 3 hours

Lil Pink Devil invited interested members of the public to register for a workshop in learning how to make traditional Pineapple tarts from his mother. These tarts, when done, had its usual star-patterned piece of garnish replaced with alphabetical ones. Placed next to each other, these alphabets form words, even sentences and ‘puns’. The participants went further and exercised their creativities by creating these Pineapple tarts in various shapes and sizes. At the end of the session, they get to bring the tarts home as edible artistic souvenirs.


Sha Najak & Migrant Voices
My Day Off / Duration: 3 hours

Migrant Voices is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) that acts as a support unit for blue-collared migrant workers in Singapore. As their ‘action’, Migrant Voices exhibited photographs depicting recreational activities of these workers shot by their own friends. At the same time, they also conducted video interviews with several gallery visitors revolving around personal experiences engaging with migrant workers in Singapore.

Lion City D-I-Y
The Second Print Conference / Duration: 3 hours

The Lion City D-I-Y showed off D-I-Y culture in the graphic design of local punk bands and communities in an exhibition of their records, t-shirts, posters and zines. As part of their ‘action’, they also managed a ‘live’ demonstration of the silkscreen printing process predominantly used for their graphic works.