Action Parties is a project first initiated in 2007 by Khairuddin Hori under Wunderspaze.

Wunderspaze is a contemporary art initiative first established in January 2006 in Singapore that was later relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand in early 2008. As a modest collective, Wunderspaze has been operating independently without receipt of government or other institutional funding. It aims to be a venue of exchange for emerging local, Southeast Asian and other artists and curators interested in the development and discourse of contemporary art in Southeast Asia. It intends to make its work through regional networking, research, documentation and presentation of works, ideas and strategies by such young artists and curators that it has contact with. Aside from artistic development within contemporary visual art and associated practices, the concurrent direction is to examine and develop curatorial approaches, models and methodologies.

Wunderspaze’s projects also include Performativity 1 & 2 and Plunging the Gaps.

Action Parties #3 is organised by Joleen Loh in collaboration with Khairuddin Hori.

For more information on Wunderspaze, visit
For questions and information related to Action Parties #3, please email

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