1. Before submitting a proposal, please refer to the pages below for details of the gallery space, including floor plan, as well as rules for using the gallery. Actions carried out should comply to these rules.

2. For the duration of Action Parties, the gallery becomes a public space; therefore actions proposed should be non-chargeable/ticketed. Funds however, can be collected from voluntary members of the audience.

3. As an independent initiative, Wunderspaze or Joleen is not in a position to provide funds or material resources for activities proposed. Instead, applicants should propose ideas that they can carry out fully on their own. This includes equipment provision and advanced technical support.

4. Successful applicants should be aware that they are fully responsible for the actions they plan to carry out, which includes care of the gallery space. Wunderspaze or Joleen will not be liable for any damages done to the gallery space.

5. All applicants should submit a brief outline of their proposed project (roughly 250 words) as well as a written profile. Samples of past works/projects would be useful for our evaluation.

6. Although Wunderspaze will provide publicity support, our resources at the moment are limited. Hence we appreciate it when participants also drum up their own publicity machine in addition to ours.

7. Eventual action-takers must agree to participate in all media publicity efforts initiated by Wunderspaze.


Dates: Sat and Sun, 7 and 8 July 2012
Location: Purple Room, Art Space at dbl O
222 Queen Street, #02-02
(Across the Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q)

Schedule and time slots:

7 July 2012: 12-2pm, 330-530pm, 7-9pm

8 July 2012: 12-2pm, 330-530pm, 7-9pm

*Selected ‘actions’ are given 1 hour for set-up and 30 minutes for clearing up afterwards.

Purple Room, Art Space at dbl O Floor Plan


All proposals must be emailed to Joleen at by 20 June 2012
Successful applicants will be notified on 22 June 2012
For further enquiries or to engage in a discussion, please email

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